I don't have the words to adequately express my thanks for this evening's Wings for Autism event. My daughter, Katie, who speaks mostly in scripted phrases, turned to me (after the amazing water cannon display at the end of our plane.ride) and said "we had fun on the plane!" That was a moment I will always treasure!! We have been so concerned about how Katie would deal with the plethora of unknowns associated with air travel and you have now made future air travel a reality for us!! Too many times, as a parent of a child with ASD, you feel like doors are closed to your child and/or your family. Well, tonight, you gave her wings!!

  • Donna G.
  • Wings for Autism Attendee

There was a lot we liked about the Noah's Arc support group but, our favorite part was being exposed to other parents of premature babies that had "graduated" from the NICU - sharing their stories of success with us - giving us hope and making us aware that we were not necessarily alone in what was otherwise a very frightening and emotional time in our lives.  We were able to find much needed support through this program. 

Our wish for the Noah's Arc program is that other parents with babies in the NICU are able to find the same much needed comfort and support that it provided our family. 

  • Ania, Bobby & Colin
  • Noah's Arc Family

The Arc and the Aktion Club are wonderful to help others and children and senior people by reaching out to them and always thinking of them first.  It doesn't matter who you are because we are all human beings.

What I wish for the future is for the Aktion Club to always continue and for all of us to continue to grow and learn about our community and the resources that are available to help us.  I also want for all people to care for special people.  I love the Aktion Club and all of my friends that are in the club with me.  We have a blast.  The Arc is always making sure we have good things to do.

  • Sara R.
  • Aktion Club Member & Self Advocate

The Arc of Mecklenburg County is a fabulous resource for individuals with developmental disabilities, theirfamilies and professionals.  Over the years I have used the Resource Guide and made suggestions about services found in this guide to individuals in my community.  It is a valuable tool!  I recently attended their Guardianship Education Workshop to learn more about this process so that I could have more meaningful conversations with the parents of my students and individuals in my community on this topic.

My wish for The Arc is that they will be able to continue to provide the resources and supports to individuals with developmental disabilities and their families so that these individuals will have greater fulfillment in their lives.

  • Linda R.
  • CMS Teacher

Thank you so much for the brochures and pamphlets on your Doors 2 Life program you recently supplied to the Autism Society of North Carolina—Mecklenburg County Chapter. As you know, each year the chapter puts together transition packets for students with autism who are leaving high school. These transition packets include information on employment, recreation, training/education and other opportunities for those with autism.

The Arc's Resource Guide is enormously helpful because it is an A-Z list of all the possible places where our population can find help. We greatly appreciate you gathering this information and making it easy to access, both in the print brochure and on the website. We are also very appreciative of the fact you make social opportunities like the Atkion Club available to our young adults. As you know, it can be very challenging to find places where they can be accepted and have the chance to participate in helping in the community.

Thank you again for all you do to serve a population that is so often underserved.

  • Autism Society of North Carolina
  • Mecklenburg County Chapter

I feel that the Aktion Club has encouraged me by seeing others succeed and helping out with collecting shoes, cell-phones and other needed community items that we can donate.  We get to learn about our community by visiting museums, riding public transportation and getting involved in volunteer activities.  We also get to have fun!  We go bowling every winter and go to Charlotte Checkers Hockey Games together.  We raise our own money by holding fundraisers so we can do fun activities.  I love the Aktion Club.

  • Sheila D.
  • Aktion Club Member & Self-Advocate

My uncle, Larry, has Down Syndrome and when I was younger we lived in the same home together.  I now consider him more of a brother than an uncle, and because of Larry I've always had a desire to be involved with the special needs community.

In today's world of complex government guidelines and ever changing economic conditions it is crucial for communities to have access to the services that The Arc provides; advocacy, community awareness, and possibly the most important thing, direction for those new to the special needs world.

My wish is that The Arc continues with its mission for many years and that others will also be encourged to volunteer and provide support along the way.

  • Patrick P.
  • Board Member